KVM - The Linux Kernel-Based Virtual Machine
News, Blogs and Resources on the Linux (KVM) Kernel-Based Virtual Machine
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Latest open source windows virtio drivers adds support for Windows 8 guests

The most recent release of the open source virtio drivers released now adds support for windows 8 guests.

Qemu 1.3 Released: qemu-kvm merge into qemu complete

Qemu 1.3 has been released and with it completes the merge of qemu-kvm into qemu.  This means that you can now use "vanilla" qemu to run your kvm virtual machines.  No more need

QEMU 1.2.0 Released

Qemu 1.2.0 has just been released bringing many improvements to current features and many bugfixes.  According to the announcement this was the shortest release cycle in qemu's history but

Cloonix_kvm : Another userspace for KVM

Cloonix KVM is an alternative userspace for KVM designed specifically for simple realtime network topology management.  The killer feature of Cloonix is a GUI WYSIWYG tool that allows you to d

First Look: Virtual machine online disk snapshots coming to Fedora 18

In this post I will preview the new live disk snapshotting feature coming to Fedora 18.  This is a very attractive feature that will give you the ability to take online snapshots of your virtu

PCI device assignment driver coming to Linux 3.6 with VFIO

The VFIO pci device assignment driver will be coming with the release of linux kernel 3.6.  VFIO , or virtual function IO as it was originally called, will bring improved IO performance of pci

Using Open vswitch with Fedora 17

The recently released Fedora 17 comes with improved support for open vswitch.  It includes packages for installing open vswitch as well as libvirt support for managing open vswitch under KVM.&

qemu-kvm 1.1 adds experimental support for usb 3.0

Experimental support for usb 3.0 has been added to kvm with the recent release of upstream qemu 1.1.

USB redirection over the network

USB Redirection allows you to make usb devices attached to your client machine accessible to your remote KVM virtual machine via the network.

Virtio SCSI

With the recent release of Fedora 17 comes a new KVM storage stack called virtio-scsi.  Using this functionality is currently limited to command line operation.