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qemu 1.0 is here

qemu 1.0 was released today right on schedule. One of the biggest changes visible to end users is added support for scsi block devices including block device passthrough through a new scsi block device. This means it will support /dev/sda devices which will help in some physical to virtual migrations scenarios. Another interesting feature is the TCI ( Tiny Code Interpreter ) for running qemu on architectures where there's no native code generated for it by qemu as explained in this post. The official list of changes that comes with qemu 1.0 can be found at the qemu 1.0 changelog page. Here's a list from the official changelog page of some of the more interesting features.

  • QEMU now uses a separate thread for VCPU execution similar to qemu-kvm
  • All image formats now support asynchronous operations
  • Many bugfixes around CD media changes
  • QEMU now supports I/O latency accounting in the monitor command "info blockstats"
  • The accuracy of error handling for SCSI emulation has been greatly improved
  • SCSI devices can now be addressed by channel, target (id) and LUN. Not all emulated HBAs will support this feature (in particular, the LSI controller will not)
  • SCSI CD-ROMs now report media changed events
  • Block device pass through is now supported through a new scsi-block device. The scsi-block device works with block devices (like /dev/sda or /dev/sr0) rather than /dev/sgN devices, and is more efficient because it does not consume arbitrary amounts of memory when the guest does large data transfers
  • SCSI CD-ROMs now support DVD images
  • SLIRP can process ARP replies and gratuitous ARP requests from the guest
  • Now supports discarded blocks in dynamically-sized images
  • QEMU now supports the new Cortex-A15 (ARM) instructions in linux-user mode (via "-cpu any")
  • QEMU now supports DC232b and FSF xtensa CPU cores
  • QEMU now supports sim (similar to Tensilica ISS) and LX60/LX110/LX200 machines
  • QEMU now supports live migration using image files like QCOW2 on shared storage

For the full changelog list see the 1.0 changelog page. You can expect to see these changes coming soon to downstream qemu-kvm in your favourite linux distro.

To get started you can download qemu 1.0 at the qemu download page.


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